Aden Zoo

Aden Zoo

From a transit station to the pioneer of the idea of Zoos in the Arabian Peninsula.

بستان عبدR المEجEيد

“Please come in … Half a “shilling” (25 Fils) for staff, and “Anaten” (10 Fils) for students”

With these low prices, AlHajj AbdulMajeed Al-Salafi used to welcome visitors at Aden Zoo or as the Adeni people liked to call it “Al Kamsari Garden”.
The Garden was the first zoo in the Arabian Peninsula. It started in 1952, as a transit station for a passenger coming from Somalia through Aden’s port accompanied by both an African lion and a lioness, who were on their way to Imam Ahmed in Sana’a. Those lions needed to be to kept in a place outside the port, and AbdulMajeed’s garden was the ideal place.
The idea of ​opening a zoo became appealing for AlHajji AbdulMajeed after seeing the flow of people who came to see the lions, and soon after that the garden became full of different animals from overseas, and it became an attracting place for visitors from different countries.
AlHajji Abdul Majeed’s experience and expertise stretched out to be the initial seed for the establishment of the first zoo in Saudi Arabia.

Yemen Used to be.. not much of a difference!

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Photos taken for Mr. AbdulMajeed’s and garden and other details.

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