Ahmad Qassem

Ahmad Qassem

The pioneering musical reformer of the contemporary Yemeni song and first to introduce modern musical instruments to the Yemeni tune.

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The distinguished musician and composer Ahmed bin Ahmed Qassem was born in the city of Aden on March 11, 1938. His passion and love for music developed since he was young. He studied many types of musical arts and was influenced by Adani artistic colloquy.

He joined the Higher Institute of Music in Egypt in 1956, where he obtained his diploma in 1960. Later, he returned to Aden and founded a musical band called (Ahmad Qassem’s renewal Band). He presented variety of styles , which included Adenian modern color, as in his songs (Ya Eaybah), (Mustahil), and (Huqul Alban), and also included a folkloric trend like his song (Min Aleadin).

In terms of national songs, he presented a number of songs, the most famous of which is “With all my heart, I love you, my country, Yemen”.  Qassem renewed the song’s structure in Aden and tried to develop it to match the most prevalent lyrics’ pattern in central Arab countries such as Egypt and Al Sham.

In addition to singing, Qassem tried acting and starred in the movie “My Love in Cairo” with the actress Zizi Al-Badrawi, which was shown in 1966 and directed by Adel Sadiq and produced by Ahmed bin Ahmed Qassem himself.  The great musician passed away near the city of Dhamar in a traffic accident on April 1, 1993. After he presented his masterpieces to the Yemeni art, which Yemenis remember and sing to this day.

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