Ahmed Fathi


Artist and composer.. He received a master’s degree from the Higher Institute of Arab Music about “The Roles of Oud in Yemeni Songs”

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The musician Ahmed Fathi was born in the city of Hodeidah in 1959, where he received his education in it, then he moved to study at the Higher Institute of Arab Music in Cairo in 1973 AD and obtained a diploma in music, then a bachelor’s degree in 1980 AD and a master’s degree in 1998 AD..
He released his first album at the age of twelve .. He performed in a number of concerts in many countries; He became famous through it, and a number of technical companies recorded a large number of his songs.
He composed for a number of singers; Among them are, Abu Bakr Salem Balfakih, Samira Said and Wadih Al-Safi, and the Egyptian Opera House commissioned him to compose the opera “Children of the World”, in which a number of Arab artists participated, and it was presented in the year 1998 AD. As for the lyrics, he dealt with a number of poets. Among them are Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Maqaleh, the poet Mahmoud Al-Hajj, and the late poet Ibrahim Sadiq and Abdullah Hadi Sbait and others.
In his career, he won many awards, including the best oud player from the Higher Institute of Arab Music in Cairo. He was also awarded the Medal of the Higher National Institute for Advanced Technology in Paris in 1993 AD, and he also obtained the golden statue at the “Oscar International Video Clip” festival in Alexandria in 2001 AD.
Throughout his long artistic career, Ahmed Fathi presented dozens of works of art, and he composed many of the musical performances he performed in several music festivals and national and international occasions with several solo plays on the oud instrument at times, and at other times accompanying the orchestra … most notably “Sakura” and “Love and Peace” “” The Angelic Spirit, “” The Immortal River, “and many others.
May God protect Professor Ahmed Fathi and prolong his life …

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