Al-Janad Masjid

‎”يا معاذ انطلق حتى تأتي الجند فحيثما بركت هذه الناقة, فأذن وصل وابتن مسجداً.”
In this Hadith, the prophet orders Muadh to set out until he arrives at Al-Janad city, and wherever the Camel sits down, he would call for prayer, pray, and build a masjid. This was told to Muadh when he was sent to teach the people about the Islamic religion.
The companion Muadh bin Jabal’s masjid located in the northeastern part of Al-Janad city, 22 km away northeastern of Taiz City. It is approximately 4365 square meters in size.
Al-Janad masjid was considered one of the most important scientific edifices at that time. A group of scientists were the students of this masjid. The most prominent being the historian Mohamed Youssef Aljendy -died between 730H-, the author of “The Behaviour Of The Scientists Class and The Royal Class”. The masjid has gone through several renovations starting at King Hussain bin Salamah Era (402H). Moreover, some more renovations were through the Aiuby, Rasooly, and Taahery Eras. Leaving us with Al-Janad Masjid, as the last monument from the companion Muadh bin Jabal’s time.

Yemen used to be and as such were our Masjids.

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Photos taken for Mr Abdul Rahman al-Mutahar and Ms Habiba Mohammed during the broadcast of "Mesa’ed and Mesa’ada" and other details.

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