The “swing” or what it’s called “Madraha” is considered a cultural tradition for the Hajji families to express their love and concern on the farewell, and joy and happiness when they’re back home from their journey.
It’s said that it’s history goes to 1200 years back, and some say it goes back to our prophet Ebrahim era, peace be upon him, before Islam. The “Madraha” was installed for the Rasoli sultan, Almodhafar Ali Bin Omar when he went for Haj in 659 AH, which spread in Alhijaz area to reach Mecca.
When Hajji arrives home, they are met with Jasmin and Arabian fragrance along with the “Madraha” which they can swing on before distributing Zamzam water and gifts to their friends and loved ones.
The “Madraha” concept is timeless and is perpetuated in our culture. Share with us your “Madraha” stories for this year!
Have a blessed Haj.

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