Amal Balgoon



One of the first announcers of Aden channel.

Everyone knew her by Momma ‘Amal’ as in ‘Hope’. Hope in every house, hope in every alley, and hope in every heart.


Everyone knew her by Momma ‘Amal’ as in ‘Hope’. Hope in every house, hope in every alley, and hope in every heart.

It is the braised journalist Amal Beljoun born in 1952, the one with the dulcet and sweet voice. Momma Amal was known for being spontaneous and genuine, you would always see her at her natural character , both inside and outside the screen, and with her shy and sincere smile. 


“Wednesday Evening “, ” wander and observe , “Tv Magazine “ , “cocktail “, “ children and Family “ are some of the programs Amal captured her audience hearts with, and if you asked anyone from the old times about her programs they would tell you how special and good these memories were, especially if they were from Aden city. 


“ For journalis, I see that general knowledge is one of the key foundations we should be standing on, as well as being a good listener, having presence, being sharp, the ability to gain knowledge and delivering it, and being alert at all times in working life as well as in trials is the real test.” Amal Beljoun_ 2007.


Yemen used to be, and as such was our press.


Amal Balgoon

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Sofrah Wahdah



Ramadan is the very special month at the Islamic calendar! It is celebrated with feature doings, food specials with a great diversity among the provinces of Yemen. 


Sofrah Wahdah

Sofrah Wahdah is a short animation film that describes the concept of “Togetherness” in Ramadani social councils in Yemen. We aimed to manifest details that people have begun missing unintentionally as a consequence of the war.

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