Krama Mersal

Krama Mersal

Krama Mersal being a lead in the Yemeni Folk Art Scene, his rich songs' lyrics were unforgettable and till this day he is considered an icon of Hadhrami Music


In 1946, the artist Mersal was born in Al-Mukalla City, where he then established his musical journey as young as seventeen years old in the year of 1963. He wasn’t just a singer, he was also a composer that had his name linked to the most prominent poets of his time like Abi Bakr Hussein Al-Mehdhar and others.
In 1969, he published his first record that lead to his breakthrough in the Arab Region as well as the Gulf Area.
He was loved by many, because of his pure talent and charismatic character that always made his concerts quite amusing.
He sings to Yemen “My love stays unwavering despite all hardship and difficulties”, a song that was felt by the soul of all Yemeni diaspora, alongside other songs that will always remain exceptional.
After a hard journey fighting illness, Mersal passed away on Sunday the third of August 2014 in Al-Mukalla City. Leaving behind a void in the world of Hadhrami Folk Art, yet his legacy remains immortal.
These were Yemen melodies, and this was Krama Mersal.

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