Muhammad AlQuraiti

Muhammad AlQuraiti

First Quran Reciter of Sanaa Radio, 1947. He was a profound Arabic linguist and his voice is linked to Ramadan, especially before breaking the fast.

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Muhammad Hussein al-Quraiti, he was born in Sana’a as an orphan in 1922 CE in the same year that his father passed away.  He studied at Al-Muftoon School in Sanaa and then at the Great Mosque.  He was educated by several sheikhs (scholars), the most important of whom was the scholar Hussein bin Mubarak Al-Ghaithi, may God have mercy on him.

  He graduated from the Qur’an loops, acquainted with the seven recitations, and proficient in the sciences of the Arabic language. He frequently visited Mecca during the seasons of Hajj and became famous for it where pilgrims from different countries were listening to his beautiful recitation.  In 1947, Radio Sana’a was inaugurated, and Sheikh Al-Quraiti was its first reciter, so it was the credited one that preserving his rare recitation through its records. He was also her first language reference due to his knowledge of the language and its origins.

 Sanaa Radio was uniquely remained on transmitting Quranic recitations of the Al-Quariti reciter annually before eating Al-Iftar in Ramadan from 1947 until about the current century, making his voice inherent in the Iftar of Yemen in Ramadan.

During the recent years, new local radio stations were launched on a large scale not only in Sana’a, but also in various Yemeni governorates, but they also still transmit to their listeners the recitations of the reciter and Al-Hafiz Muhammad bin Hussein Al-Quraiti.

  The Hafiz and the reciter died in Sana’a in 1962, may God have mercy on him, and made him dwell in peace.

   This is how Yemen used to be, and so was our Ramadan.

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