Ramadani supplication recited in Sana’a City and the suburbs to alert people that Fajir Azan is getting proximate.

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O Allah who raised the heavens without any pillars and extended the earth on a frozen water
O Allah who created the creatures and enumerated them … far be it, my lord, that you forget someone
There is a variety of supplication that precedes Fajir’s prayer. The previously mentioned ones attributed to Raba’a Adawiya May Allah have mercy on her soul are the most well known.
It all started with Al-Maseharati, who used to wake people up for suhoor by calling for Allah praises to signal that it soon to be called for Fajir’s prayer, with time these supplications were set to be called through speakers at Masajid.
At that time, it was popular that it was performed by chanters and readers with beautiful voices. The most famous of them was the late chanter Abd al-Rahman al-Hillili, one of the earliest chanters the chanting art scene had known in Yemen in the last century.
Notably, these supplications are still chanted at the masjids to this day.

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