Tihami Bamboo Hat

Yemen is known by its folk handicrafts, and one of the most famous in the history of Yemeni culture is the hand-making of the “Tihami bamboo hat”. The hat that has presented the prestigious image of the Tahami people in Yemen, in both Haja and Hudaida provinces since hundreds of years now!
These hats specialize in their quality which takes approximately a month to make, it is made of bamboo bark in which the tissues are highly flexible and pure which makes it water-resistant. Bamboo Hat represents art and valuable heritage that makes it a precious possession in which it values can reach to thousands of Yemeni riyals.
Bamboo hats are worn in social events and it adds to the average folks and high-class people a luster of grace and adornment.
However, recently the shortage in bamboo supply and the high inflation rate has caused the production of these hats to decrease immensely.

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