Wrega comes by the end of the Holy Month where kids pay tributes for the Mufallih (The people’s waker) in an old folkloric Ramadani celebration!.


Toddlers and children celebrate with Masharati in Hadhramaut at the end of the holy month, in a popular folk tradition in Hadramaat known as Al-Warika or Shamiya … The drum beats and children sing their songs in honor of the efforts of Al-Musharrat (Al-Mufleh) for waking up the people to have their food before Athan AlFajr everyday.
The applause intensifies and the celebration cries grow louder .. The girls hit the “Maraqiues” (The clapping stage) and the boys with their hands to revive the atmosphere of joy .. Everyone walks behind Al-Mufleh carrying the Haier (drum), passing through the streets and alleys singing the children (Warija are you up? Warija from where did you come?!) and some other songs.
It usually takes place on the morning of the twenty-eighth, and it has other names, such as “Shamiya” in the coast, and “Al-Warija” in Wadi Hadramout.
The idea of ​​Al-Wariqah aims to honor Al-Masharati for his efforts during the holy month, as the people provide corn, wheat and rice grains and give to those who are responsible for serving during Ramadan.
Blessed Ramadan and may Allah accept all your good deeds.

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