Yahya Allawi

Yahya Allawi

The host of ‘Forsan Almaydan’ the most famous Yemeni tv show that used to broadcast in Ramadan.

Yahya 2

We brought you everywhere in yemen..yemen AlEman, we go riding the knights ..the field knights” the literal translation of the ‘Forsan Almaydan’ tv show theme song that always kept us waiting every night in Ramadan!
The show first aired on the local official channel in 1994, which was constructed of different segments. In the first segment, he would ask various cultural questions to people he’d encounter on the street. Then he would take us on a field tour in one of the famous areas in Yemen and sometimes he would present us with a simple spiritual segment. Yahya then would conclude the program by hosting some of the folk games competitions where the winner wins a prize.
Yahya’s name is still associated with Ramadan even after he’s gone for the impact he left in people’s lives throughout his life and career.
Today marks the 9th year anniversary of the journalist Yahya Allaw death after a long struggle with illness on 14th June 2010, May god rest his soul.. Yemen used to be..not much of a difference.

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