Mocha Yemen

Mocha Yemen

The famous "Mocha" was named after the port of Mocha,  which is the origin of the global coffee trade. 

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It was the coffee bean that Ansi sang about… Yemen was the first land where coffee was grown, and it is unknown when this activity began but the first deal to sell coffee from Yemen to Europe was in 1628.
Historians record the burgeoning of coffee consumption in Yemen with the Sufis who used it to help them worship and stay up late and that was more than 500 years ago in the early 15th century. They were the first to drink it in social gatherings and then became a popular drink.
Some historians date the beginning of coffee cultivation to the fifth century AD where Yemenis identified the coffee tree in the area of ​​Al-Odain now administratively located in Ibb governorate.
It is noteworthy that the Portuguese were the first to taste the Yemeni coffee when hosted by the Sheikh of Mocha and offered them a “black drink” that refreshes the body and gives peace of mind, and that was the first commercial deal for Yemeni coffee in Mocha with the Dutch in 1628.
Coffee growing in Yemen began to expand year after year until the Yemeni coffee became a landmark of high quality offering to the finest ruling families, whether in Europe, India or other countries of the world, where Yemen dominated the trade in coffee for more than 200 years. Yemeni coffee exports to the world reached about 20,000 tons per year at the beginning of the eighteenth century.
Yemen used to be, not much of a difference!

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