“There’s no present without a past,
and there’ll be no fruitful future
if its seeds aren’t planted in the present.”

Yemen used to be..

An art initiative that aims to alter stereotypes held about Yemen. Our platform directs its efforts in an artistic approach to change the negative image of Yemen in the eyes of those near and far. Within Yemen, people’s spirits have narrowed to a present where all they can see is the negativity around them. From this starting point, we changed focus and started telling stories about how ‘Yemen Used To Be’, and this is how our story starts.


We strive to..

Through such context and with a group of talented volunteers, we adopt various digital art mediums in two languages Arabic and English in order to reach a wider audience. Furthermore, we strive to go beyond the framework of social media by presenting content on the ground, through various exhibitions, events, and seminars on a local and international level.


Project Philosophy..

Through such a context, our platform directs its efforts in an artistic approach that meets our modern era’s atmosphere by adopting various digital art mediums in two languages i.e Arabic and English to reach a greater audience. We also believe in the power of real-life experience through the arrangement of interactive art exhibitions.


Our goal..

We seek to deliver the voice that lays in the hearts of Yemenis to the whole world. The voice of love, beauty, and hope, so we decided a group of young people of different ages, dreams, and inclinations to turn that toxic energy into an energy that strengthens the spirit of love for our nation which was weakened by conflict.


The Problem..

Due to circumstances of the war, a typical stereotype about Yemen has been so prevalent with search engines reflecting a distorted image of Yemen. Our team members, on the other hand, believe that there is a valuable history that is yet to be shared with the world.


We do the following:

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