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An artistic initiative that aims to alter stereotypes held about Yemen.



The Story is like

Stories from the essence of our great ancestors, cute kids and great artists..
we are excited to show this to the whole world.

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What do we do?


We gather information from several sources and collect them in one place to serve as a reference and archive of Yemeni stories and lifestyles.

Spreading Awareness

Spreading awareness about Yemen history and culture among the Arabian and global audiences.


We work on producing a documentary series about the special features and outstanding achievements in the history of Yemen.

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Memories of our parents in old photographs taken in the eighties, special moments, filled with simplicity, shared with us Yemeni families from different governorates.


Family Corner


Our Team


Meet Our Team

We seek to deliver the voice that dwells in the hearts of Yemenis to the whole world. The voice of love, beauty, and hope, so we decided, a group of young people of different ages, dreams, and inclinations to turn that toxic energy into an energy that strengthens back the spirit of patriotism that has been weakened by the war.

"You are an extension of us, you have been given the responsibility to be the best successor to the best predecessor. The space is open for your creativity, so do not hold back.”

Amal Balgoon

Broadcaster in the Aden Channel

"The platform presents to the community the many aspects neglected in our history. It stands upon a great patriotic role which we desperately need. Thank you for all these efforts!"

Salem Al-Jahwashi

Dubbing Director of the Al-Jazeera channel.

"Yemen Used to be is a phenomenal platform. The content is refreshing, unique and well researched. I've learnt so much about Yemen through it. You can tell the team works exceptionally hard on its production. They must be really proud of its success to date!"

Fatma Al-Baiti

Creator of Meet me at Fatma’s


We seek to deliver the voice that bides in the hearts of Yemenis to the whole world. The voice of love, beauty, and hope.

Future Plan..

We are currently working to expand the scope of our platform by reaching more people.

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Let's widen
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