Abu Bakr Bin
Salem Balfakih

The king of Hadhrami’s melody


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Anna Rodgers


June 16 2021

March 1939

Abu Bakr Bin Salem Bin Zain Bin Hassan Balfakih was born in the city of Tarim (Al-Ghinaa) in Hadramout on the seventeenth of March 1939. He grew up in a family known for science and literature. He completed his studies at the School of Brotherhood in Tarim and was taught by a number of his relatives the Noble Qur’an and principles of science, where he showed superiority noticed in the sciences of Arabic language and poetry at the age of thirteen. During his twenties, Abu Bakr worked for 3 years in education as a grammar teacher. He started writing poetry at seventeen when he wrote his first song, “Oh Rose, Your Beauty Among the Roses,” which he recorded on Radio Aden in 1956.

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