Jamil Othman Ghanem

Founder of Jamil Ghanem Institute

Ghanem was born on January 5th, 1941 AD, started his career as a teacher and moved between schools in Aden until he joined the academic study in Iraq, where he specialized in the Oud instrument in 1963.

After his return from Iraq, he worked in research and contributed to the presentation of many researches and studies on music, where he presented a comprehensive study of the oud under the title (The melodies of the oud, creaks of heaven’s door).

Beginning of the year 1973 AD, the Institute of Music was opened in Mualla, which aimed to qualify talented musicians who play according to the sense of hearing without theoretical or practical knowledge of the principles of music. This idea was then supported by the Minister of Culture, Professor Abdullah Badeeb.

Through the support of the Minister of Culture, musical study programs were established and its objectives and method of functioning were defined. And Jamil Ghanem was assigned to head the institute. Ghanem participated in teaching various subjects related to the Oud instrument, the principles of music, and related theoretical and practical aspects so that the artists’ performance of songs is based on organized scientific foundations.

The institute is considered one of the bright symbols in the history of the Yemeni artistic and cultural movement, and it is considered one of the first institutes in the Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula. Its importance lies in its teaching of oriental music and its interest in classical Arabic singing, such as muwashahat, maqamat, and folk singing, which those responsible have contributed to the rise of art in Yemeni society and to spread awareness of the importance of arts since its foundation.

Musician Jamil Ghanem, may God have mercy on him, passed away on September 1st, 1990, and the “Jamil Ghanem” Institute is still open until now.

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