Mohammed Saad Abdullah

A Singer, a Composer and Writer

The artist Abu Mushtaq Muhammad was born in November 1938 in Al-Houta, Lahj.

He grew up in a family dominated by artistic and musical traits and impresses, as his father was one of the greatest singers of his time. Since his childhood, Muhammad Saad Abdullah was assiduous to accompany the pioneers of the music and singing scene, and he was also involved in many concerts (Makhder) and weddings, where he used to beat the rhythm or play the role of the choir, which helped him to master the ancient origins of the Muwashah Al-San`ani (Sanaani stanzas).

The artist Muhammad Saad dealt with some poets to provide him with poems, as the poet of the Adenian Musical League at the time, Dr. Muhammad Abdo Ghanem, singled him out for the poem (Mahala Al-Samar Gambak), which he composed himself and met with peerless success.

In addition to his talent for composing, he worked to formulate his melodic line according to the repercussions of the lyrical renewal in Aden and Hadramout. In the early fifties, Muhammad Saad Abdullah moved to Hadhramaut where he was renowned in Mukalla. He was influenced by the Hadrami musical color, where he wrote, composed, and sang the song (Min Bala Al-hub), and sang one of the most beautiful words of Al-Mihdhar, “Allah Allah Bilamana”, and other songs that he created in this color.

A picture of the Muhammad Saad with the announcer Amal Beljoun

He also sang and composed the song “Kilma Walau Jaber Khater”, which was plagiarized by many artists, where the melody belongs to the period of the 1950s, as he recorded it in Beirut in 1965. He was honored by announcing and casting his name on the street extending in front of Sheikh Othman Post Office to the highway leading to the city of Dar Saad.
The artist Muhammad Saad Abdullah passed away in Aden on the morning of Tuesday, April 16, 2002. May God have mercy on him.

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